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What is Teeny Greenies?

A: Teeny Greenies is a cloth diaper lending service.  We accept donations (monetary as well as donations of new or used diapers and diapering accessories) and then lend out the items to any families in the Twin Cities interested in cloth diapering.  We are not a “diaper service” as we do not wash the diapers, we only lend them and then parents do the washing themselves.  We are a not-for-profit organization and run completely off of donations and volunteers.

What kind of diapers do you lend?

A: All kinds!  We include a variety in each family bag – everything from Gerber prefolds and plastic pants to Blueberry minky one-size pockets and Mutts.  We strive to make each bag a blend of diapers that are purely functional and diapers that have the latest features and fabrics.  This is somewhat dependent however on the types of donations we have received.

Is there a rental fee?  How much will this cost me?

A: There is no cost at all, this is a totally free service.  We do accept donations though, both monetary and donations of items, and both kinds of donations are desperately needed.  The waiting list is growing.  If you use our diapers and you think it is a beneficial and a worthwhile community service, the recommended optional donation is $10 for every month that you use the diapers.  This helps us repair and replace worn out diapers as well as increase our diaper stash so we can serve more families.  Also, when you pick up your diapers you will receive an inventory list of all the diapers in your bag as well as their current market value.  The amount listed next to each item is the cost to replace the item with another used item of the same type and condition.  If you should happen to lose or ruin something while the diapers are in your care, we kindly request that you pay for the item so we can replace it, but this too is at your discretion.

I think I want to cloth diaper but I really don’t know anything about it – can you help me?

A: Yes, of course!  When you come to pick up your diapers we can go over all aspects of how to use and wash your diapers.  A diaper laundering instruction sheet also comes with each bag of diapers.  And feel free to contact us at any time before, during, or after using our service with any diapering questions.  We have also posted a few good diapering links on our home page for you to check out.

What if some diapers in my bag fit and some don’t?

Each brand has a slightly different shape and sizing so not all “mediums” are created equal.  If after getting them home you find that some just aren’t working out, feel free to contact us to set up a time to swap them for another size or brand (provided we have some in inventory).  You can also bring yoru child with you to the pick up to try on diapers to ensure a good fit the first time.

Why do you give diapers to families who could purchase their own when there are more needy families on the waiting list?

Our primary concern is bringing cloth diapering back into mainstream parenting and promoting a practice that is not only ecologically and economically sound, but also helps both parents and children to be more in tune to the child’s bodily functions.  Helping needy families, while it is something that we do, isn’t our main focus.  We want every family who is considering cloth diapering to be able to try it out and have support while doing it.  Also, families of higher income who are looking to “try before they buy” usually use the diapers for a short time (typically a month) before they buy their own diapers, and are in a better position to make donations to the organization.  They help keep us afloat so we are also able to serve the more needy families who may need to use the diapers for a year or more and may not be in a position to make a donation.

How do I apply?

Click the “Apply” navigation tab to go to the online application form.  Someone will contact you shortly after receiving your application to either set up a time and date for you to pick up diapers or to let you know that you’ve been placed on the waiting list.

I don’t need diapers but love what you are doing – how can I help?

Donations are MOST welcome, both of diapers/accessories and also monetary ones.  You can click on the “Donate/Volunteer” navigation tab to see a list of the diapers we are especially in need of, but we accept any diapers or accessories in any condition.  We are also in need of volunteers to repair diapers with problems like bad velcro, missing snaps, or bad elastic.  Volunteers are also need in other areas and you can find a full list of the opportunities available by clicking the “Donate/Volunteer” tab.

There isn’t a branch in my area, but i’ll be in the Twin Cities next week, can I pick up a bag?

A: Sorry, this service is currently only available to local families.  Check the “Diaper Resources” tab at the top left of the page to see if there is a branch in your area.  If there is not a branch in your area and you are interested in starting a one, please contact us and we are more than happy to help you start serving families in your community.